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Aiko Spring Co.,LTD is a company who manufactures and sells precision springs, special springs with shaping machines in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture.

TEL. 0561-73-3777

〒470-0102 75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture

Manufacturing chart

New products are manufactured base on the customer's request.

Mold design and production Tool making
During metallic mold making Tool making
Machine set / adjustment
Metallic mold mechanical installation adjustment (shi strike) Program adjustment
Automatic molding process
Mechanic perfect automatic molding NC perfect automatic molding
Heat treatment
 Heat-treatment  Heat-treatment
Inspection / packing / shipping
Shipment is checked in Nikon measurement microscope. Shipment is checked in Nikon projection machine.

Process materials Iron, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, hard steel wire, piano wire, etc.
Process Range Diameters from 0.3Ф to 8.0Ф (Prototypes and assembly are also processed.)
Product length About 600 mm

Aiko Spring Co.,LTD

Multi forming Process
Manufacturing and trading in leaf / flat springs or yarns

75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL 0561-73-3777
FAX 0561-73-7538

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Messe Nagoya 2019
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