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Aiko Spring Co.,LTD is a company who manufactures and sells precision springs, special springs with shaping machines in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture.

TEL. 0561-73-3777

〒470-0102 75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture

Company ProfileCOMPANY

Company Name
Aiko Spring Co.,LTD
Management Philosophy
1. As a pioneer in the field of spring forming, our vocation is to accommodate society with splendid products as a thanks for customers who have confidence in our company.

2. Our basic policy is respect human values. We value everyone, including our business partners and employees.

3. We always improve the reliablity of our products, technological expertise and sales capabilities based on our employees's knowledge and passion. We promote the creation of new value and growth energy for the future.

4. We will try our best to become a dream company with an ideal environment where employees can pin their faith on us
75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL. 0561-73-3777
FAX. 0561-73-7538
Paid-in Capital
10,000,000 yen
May 1983
Number of employees
100  employees (from April 2024 to now)
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Hirabari Branch  
Seto Shinkin Bank Nisshin Branch
Hekikai shinkin Bank Togo Branch
Business items
Manufacture and sale of special precision springs
Main office   
Hongo Factory
〒470-0121 621 Maeda, Hongo-cho, Nisshin City
Vietnam factory
Established Vietnam base AIKO SPRING VIETNAM CO.,LTD
Introduction video
Introduction of factory guide video

Aiko Spring Co.,LTD

Multi forming Process
Manufacturing and trading in leaf / flat springs or yarns

75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL 0561-73-3777
FAX 0561-73-7538

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Messe Nagoya 2019
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