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Aiko Spring Co.,LTD is a company who manufactures and sells precision springs, special springs with shaping machines in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture.。

75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture

Multi forming Process・Manufacturing and trading in leaf / flat springs or yarns

We manufacture, process, and sell precision springs with shaping machines in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture.
We are Aiko Spring Co.,LTD


  • We are dedicated to each product which is made by us.
    With that motto, we - Aiko Spring Co., LTD will try our best to provide the best products to you.
  • Please contact us for being advised about multi-forming spring processing or wire leaf spring processing.
    With automatic molding technique, we believed that we can bring out the optimal benefits such as good product quality, affordable price and prompt delivery.
  • Our shaped casting process has the great advantage of maintaining the product's accuracy as it is cast by holding the product in the mold the same as processing by a press. We also have excellent production speed and mass productivity.

    NC forming molding has a convenient function that allows programming of products of different shapes. We also produce mixed batches of goods according to the make-to-order.
  • Materials: Iron, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, hard steel wire, piano wire, etc.
    Process Range: Diameters from 0.3Ф to 8.0Ф (Prototypes and assembly are also processed.)
    Product length: 600 mm

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Enviroment Policy

  • We will fully confirm the impact of our products and activities on the environment. We also strive for continuous improvement and prevention of environmental pollution. In addition, we will state our environmental policy and maintain its implementation.
  • 1.We will comply with relevant environmental regulations and other requirements which was agreed by us.
  • 2.In order to maintain the motto of protecting the environment, our company employees set goal and periodically check to ensure the progress.
  • 3.We will inform the environmental protection policy to all staffs and widely announce to the public.                      


May 2024
This article was featured in the Asahi Shimbun national edition.
October 2023
Established Vietnam base AIKO SPRING VIETNAM CO.,LTD
July 2023
CO2-free electricity purchase contract certificate
July 2023
Our company was published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
July 2023
Automotive Engineering Exhibition Nagoya
June 2023
FBC ASEAN 2023 (Ho Chi Minh venue) @ Vietnam
June 2023
Mechanical Element Technology Exhibition (Tokyo Big Sight)
March 2023
Established Hongo Factory
November 2022
Messe Nagoya 2022
November 2021
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October 2021
Automotive World Nagoya
June 2021
Aiko Co., Ltd. SDGs Declaration
February 2020
Manufaturing World 2020 Japan
24th Machine Element Technology Exhibition
February 2020
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November 2019
Mie - Aichi - Gifu "New Technology and New Construction Method Exhibition Business Meeting" in Honda
November 2019
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November 2019
Business Summit 2019
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2nd Automotive World Nagoya 2019
February 2019
Manufacturing World 2019 Japan
23th Machine Element Technology Exhibition
December 2018
Gifu- Mie -Aichi New Technology and New Construction Method Exhibition Business Meeting" in Mazda
November 2018
Exhibited at Messe Nagoya 2018
August 2018
On 5th 1st Automotive World Nagoya
August 2018
On 28th Exhibited at Tohoku and Aichi Manufacturing Technology Exchange Meeting
June 2018
From 20th to 22nd We exhibited at the Element Technology Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.
November 2017
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June 2017
Manufaturing World 2020 Japan
21st Machine Element Technology Exhibition
November 2016
Exhibited at Messe Nagoya 2016
June 2016
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20th Machine Element Technology Exhibition
November 2015
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August 2015
Join ceremony honoring individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the array of electronic security monitoring Ministry Chubu Kinki Industrial Security.
August 2014
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June 2014
Published in the Chubu Keizai Shimbun
June 2014  
Completion of the second factory
November 2013
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February 2013
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October 2011
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April 2020  
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September 2008
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January 2008
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May 2004       
Company establishment  
April 2000
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Aiko Spring Co.,LTD

Multi forming Process
Manufacturing and trading in leaf / flat springs or yarns

75-766 Nagatsuka, Fujishima Town, Nissin City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL 0561-73-3777
FAX 0561-73-7538


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